Our AWESOME Trip to New Zealand and Australia – Part 1 of 2

Hi everyone! We are baaaack!!

This September, BF and I went on a two-week vacation to the Middle Earth (New Zealand) and Australia. It was one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever had. We had a blast! I cannot wait to tell you the details!

Are you ready?
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Top 5 Reasons Why Education is Important

I’m back to school this week! Yaaaas!

Believe it or not, going back to school now that I am an adult, feels more meaningful, compare to when I was a teenager. It’s probably because of age, experience, and a better understanding of how the “real world” works.
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5 Cool Things About Toronto

Happy 150th, Canada!

Over a month ago, Hans and I went to New York for vacation. And since we were already in the East Coast of the mainland US, we planned to make a quick visit to Toronto, Canada. Might as well, right?

Anyways, we were there for three days, and in these three days, although very SHORT, I got a glimpse of what Canada has to offer – Toronto in particular.
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New York 2017 Trip Review

Two weeks ago, my partner and I had the privilege of travelling to the Big Apple. And let me tell you, we had a great time. And even better, we stayed under the budget. #Winning!

Of course, as always, the trip has been planned months before it even happened – six months to be exact. By planning ahead, we had a lot of time in our hands to sort out our options when it comes to our expenses – airfare, hotels, places to visit, etc., which then saved us money. Needless to say, I am already planning our trips for next year. You should give it a try, too. 

Anyways, without any further adieu, these are the things that we did, and the places that we visited while in NYC:
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5 Simple Rules of Investing

Hello budget pals! How’s your budgeting been? Mine has been a-okay. 

Aside from saving money and eliminating debt, I believe that we should also invest for our retirement. One day, we will all be old and we’ll need money to take care of us. With this said, I have five simple rules in investing.

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